Team Trudeau 2019 Nomination Meeting – Thornhill


The Team Trudeau 2019 Nomination Meeting for Thornhill has been called.

Team Trudeau 2019 Nomination Meeting – Thornhill

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Speeches: 6:30 PM

Fontana Gardens
7400 Keele St.
Concord, ON L4K 1Z9

Gary Gladstone is the only qualified nomination contestant to have successfully completed the nomination application process. Therefore, Gary will be acclaimed at the nomination meeting as our Liberal candidate in the next general election in October.

The Team Trudeau Nominations Process supports unprecedented new engagement with Canadians, the re-election of our dedicated Liberal team in Parliament, and the election of even more talented, diverse, and hardworking community leaders as Liberal MPs.

Our strong focus on community engagement stems from the Liberal Party’s commitment to building the most open and inclusive movement in Canadian politics. While the other parties still charge Canadians fees to join and participate in party affairs, the Liberal Party of Canada is the only federal political party that is open for Canadians to join at no cost.

Working together in the months ahead, the hope and hard work of Liberals across Canada will ensure our candidates and campaign teams are ready to earn another mandate from Canadians in 2019!

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Nikki Hipkin
National Campaign Co-Chair
Liberal Party of Canada

Gary on Twitter